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Ymea Silhouette NF Tablets 128pieces

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Tablets 128pieces
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Food supplement based on sage, green tea, vitamins, copper and zinc, in the form of tablets. It is appropriate to combat the discomforts of the transition and to help preserve the silhouette.
When to use

Transition to moisture retention or weight gain.

How to use

1 tablet in the morning and in the afternoon, with the meal.


For 2 tablets: Sage extrac 300mg, Maca extract 100mg, Green tea extract 100mg, chrome 40µg, zinc 10mg, copper 1mg, Vitamin D 5µg, Vitamin B12 2,5µg, Vitamin B6 1,4mg.

Brand Ymea
Form Tablets
Type of product Food supplement
Contains Sage
Recommended with Menopause, Water retention
Keyword Slimming, Menopause, Flushes, Irritable, Diuretic

This is a food supplement. Do not exceed the daily dose mentioned on the packaging/in the leaflet. A food supplement may not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.

Latest reviews and experiences with Ymea Silhouette NF

I've been using the product for 6 months. It really helped with my complaints. I did stop because I really got pain in my stomach. That turned out to be liver complaints. Those liver complaints have disappeared now that I've stopped. My advice is to read the leaflet carefully and if you don't get any side effects E ht is recommended.


Very good product no menopausal effects I highly recommend it