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Physiomer Sinus nasal irrigation Nasal spray 135ml

12 reviews
Nasal spray 135ml
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Medical aid, recommended in case of sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, nosespray. Helps to reduce swelling and a stuffy nose. Relieves the pressure in the sinuses.
How to use

Brand Physiomer
Form Nasal spray
Type of product Medical aid
Type of treatment Treating
Type of nasal problems Allergy, Cold
Age categorie From the age of 2
Particularly for Nose, Sinus
Keyword Allergy, Decongestant, Sinusitis
Safe to use during pregnancy? available
Method of administration Nasal

This is a medical aid. Read the leaflet before use. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.

Latest reviews and experiences with Physiomer Sinus nasal irrigation

very good product cleanses the nose well


Works perfectly and is not as invasive as ordinary nose drops. Helps to disinfect the sinuses. I don't know why but I think it's better than Sterimar


This is the very best product against chronic nasal congestion and blockage of the tube of Eustachius. Has the doctor in Belgium written for it, since then always used it, no longer suffers from anything. Worth 5 stars!


It works perfectly for a clogged nose. It only makes you feel a little uncomfortable when the salt water gets into your throat. But for a free breath, I am willing to do that.


Very good product that quickly and durably relieves the discomforts of allergic rhinitis and sinus inflammation without any addiction


For the sake of honesty I was looking for a good replacement for the unobtainable Nasodren. As an apnea patient with rhinitus his concealed nose cavities are the cause of, among other things, Headaches, and worse sleep. Physiomer Sinus is an invention in itself seawater and minerals provide clean fresh nasal cavities, I am very satisfied and very impressed by Physiomer, the handy pump provides thorough cleaning, and believe me, breathing is the basic need of man, and I recommend this certainly for rhinitus, sinitus and cavity inflammation.


Top product. I use it both for myself and for the kids. A blocked nose, runny nose or starting throat inflammation are a reason to flush briefly. It works as effectively as certain -not as innocent - nasal spray. It can be repeated often. Only those who have to avoid salt should be careful.


Can be used in cold and Sinusitis. Excellent product.


Excellent product to naturally make breathing through the nose easier. I use it in the morning and I don't have a burden for the whole day anymore.


You can use Physiomer Hypertonic everyday when you have chronic sinusitis. It does what it promises.


works fast


suffering from chronic sinusitis I use it every day and since a good time I have not had sinusitis anymore it is a real help as remedy!