Physiomer mini plasco promo package Mini plasco 4x30x5ml

Sterile, physiological solution for the daily use from the birth on, for an active prevention. Cleanses and moistens the nose, for better respiraton and removes excess phlegm in case of a cold. Recommended by pediatrics.

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Cleanses and moistens the nose, eyes and sensitive eyelids of babies. Facilitates the removal of excess secretion of the nose, dust or allergens in case of a stuffy and/or runny nose.
Sterile, isotonic seawater.
Brand Physiomer
Form Mini plasco
Type of product Medical aid
Type of treatment Preventative
Care of Other
Care or cleansing Cleansing
Type of nasal problems Cold
Skin type Dry skin, Normal, Combination skin
Target group Baby and child
Particularly for Nose
Age categorie For babies
Method of administration Nasal
Suitable for sensitive skin? available
Safe to use during pregnancy? available
Eczema, atopic skin? available
Without parabens? available
Without perfume? available

This is a medical aid. Read the leaflet before use. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.

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Physiomer Baby Unidoses

Sterile, physiological solution for daily use. Can be used from birth for an active prevention. Cleanses and humidifies the nose, makes it easier to breathe and removes excess mucous in case of a cold. Recommended by paediatrician.

Shared experiences
    actually I use it to clean the eyes and ears of my dogje, it is easier in use than the large bottles of at the vet and who finds it fine
    Perfect! It cleans well and it is very easy to use. It is used daily during the winter months.
    Very nice product, I use it daily.
    Purifies very well. Mini plasco is very easy-to-use and is resealable. I love the promo pack!