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Metagenics Metarelax Tablets 180pieces

75 reviews
Tablets 180pieces
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Dietary supplement with taurine, vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium, vitamin D, in the form of tablets. Helps in periods of stress and tiredness.

MetaRelax® now also contains vitamin D and all B vitamins in their active form, so that they can be absorbed immediately.MetaRelax® contains the vitamins B6, B9 (folate, Metafolin®), B12 and taurine that increases the effect of magnesium. Thanks to its specific composition, MetaRelax® is ideal in times of stress and fatigue and is good for the muscles.No laxative side effects, no habituation and suitable for pregnant women.

When to use

Tiredness, muscles and stress.

How to use

Take two tabs per day or as you were advised.


Ingredients per tablet:
Magnesium glycerophosphate 900 mg, Magnesium 100 mg, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate), 1 mg Vitamin B12, (methylcobalamine), 12.5 mcg folic acid (Metafolin®), 100 mcg Taurine, 150 mg vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 12.5 mcg (500 IU).

Brand Metarelax
Form Tablets
Type of product Food supplement
Supplements nervous system Stress
Type of composition Complementary, Muscle spasms, Tiredness
Contains Magnesium, Taurine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, folic acid, Vitamin D
Target group Man, Women
Age categorie Aged 12 and older, For students, For adults
Taste Non-flavored
Time of ingestion Several times a day
Keyword Muscles, Stress tiredness, Students
Cat Keyword Promopagina
Sugar-free? not available

This is a food supplement. Do not exceed the daily dose mentioned on the packaging/in the leaflet. A food supplement may not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.

Latest reviews and experiences with Metagenics Metarelax

Have been using it for years for muscle cramps due to osteoarthritis. Helps very well! Every time I stop, the cramps come back after 3 or 4 days.


I have been using it for a number of years for muscle tension, but it also helps with my restless bowels and stomach complaints, and I feel more energetic.


Thanks Fast delivery.I have good experience with Metarelax.I feel fit.


Excellent product and used against leg cramps and finger cramps that my father regularly had very severe. 2 of these pills a day and it reduces cramps. I certainly recommend it for others.


Great product helps my daughter of almost 16 through a difficult time

Corina Geevers



Since my GBP, I have often had restless legs. And my busy life meant I was often very tired. I take this in combination with barinutrics multi and feel less tired, I no longer have muscle spasms and the fatigue is also better under control.

Sil D

very good product,take 2 of them a day.I once stopped a few days and felt like I was going down! I'm much calmer now !and I'm not so tired.I would say,this is a must for everyone!!! sure do it!

alain dolle

works fast and very well. no side effects helps with stress and fatigue. Use it for years. Good price.


Good price for the metarelax 180 pieces. These pills help to suppress tension in times of too much stress.

Irene bouwkamp

Metarelax is excellent for leg cramps and restless legs.


The homeopath touched this on me mainly for my fibromyalgia. I'm calmer, less muscle pain and less intestinal pain. And my legs are calmer in bed. I hadn't taken this product for 2 weeks to see if it really does anything. Now I know I'll never quit. I am much more relaxed as a whole.

Joline Bogers

I've been taking it for years for cramps and also I suffer from anxiety and it really relieves me. Better take this than the anxiolytics they wanted to prescribe me.


My homeopath recommended this product to keep my stress under control and it works. I feel much calmer. Fast delivery and cheap.


The doctor prescribed this against palpitations and it helps really well. Since I've taken it every day (1 or 2 a day), I didn't feel palpitations anymore, so I'm going to keep taking it.


Product meeting my expectations. To be recommended


Really notice it's a support for my nervous system. Failed 2 years ago due to burnout. Started Metarelax 1 year ago. After 2-3 weeks I noticed a lot of difference in experiencing less intense emotions and being calmer. and I still notice that. Recommended!

Joe S.

In this period of confinement my 20-year-old daughter was stressed and had anxieties, this product made her more serene...


Very good product that helps with my stress especially

Hocedez Philip

For the muscle rheumatism, I'm getting severe cramps. The Metarelax helps very well against the cramps. Much better than the magnesium I used before. So I am very happy with the Metarelax.


Can't say for sure if it helps against muscle and joint pain, but certainly against cramps in my legs. Really priceless, this stuff, but yeah.


If you are looking for relaxation, this product will give you exactly what you need. De-stressing is really in these pills.


Good support for winter and for athletes also in summer!


very good Burn-out support. See noticeable difference with regard to stability in emotions. Highly recommended

Joe Suurmond

I use this product regularly, especially in winter. It helps me to get through the dark days.

Johan Sevenant

Magnesium effective and very well tolerated at the digestive level


Works very well against muscle cramps and stress, I take vitamin d and Q10. Probactiol also protects the intestines.


Very good product. Recommended by an osteopath for episodes of intense stress.


Very good and effective product


Metarelax highly recommended, good price, and fast delivery, what more could you want?

Theo van Deuzen

I am very satisfied with it and you are much cheaper and quickly delivered really TOP


Fantastic supplement, I notice right away when I use it. I am calmer and sleep much better. Viata offers these for a much better price. I am very happy with it.


Fantastic supplement, I notice right away when I use it. I am calmer and sleep much better. Viata offers these for a much better price than in the shop. I am very happy with it.


Very good product for muscle tension.

Marquant François

Excellent product, fast and proper delivery. Cheaper than other suppliers, highly recommended!


good product for me with my muscle disease CIDP


Excellent product and fast delivery


Due to the presence of a brain tumor, my husband changed his character from calm to very irritated. After removal of the tumor and use of this food medication, it is much peaceful (more pleasant). I don't dare to pretend that it's only because of this product, but I think it really helps.


A good product, fast delivery and friendly approach by Viata online pharmacy.

Marga Sijm

Clearer head and smoother movement.


fibromyalgia metrelax helps me with cramps. No side effects. My neurologist advised me to do so. Reasonable price


Excellent product .


Very good product. Is the only magnesium I can tolerate. Noticeable difference in intake

Valentine Delie

A little expensive but good product that works relatively well


I feel good with metarelax, it doesn't work miracles but it helps me to feel a little better.


satisfaction and a must to others who want relaxed and rest in the muscles in people who have painful muscles

marina van hoof

Metarelax in combination with Curcudyn of the same brand helps me well to reduce the burden and pain of my muscle rheumatism. You also feel less tired. The nice thing is that when you stop taking these supplements only really notice what a huge difference this brings. So keep taking them. Highly recommended.


I get very quiet from. fine product

christine vande walle

Excellent product and fast delivery.


Good product, more comfortable than other magnesium supplements with lower concentration and therefore you have to take many pills a day (some I had taken up to 12 ...). Metarelax in general is enough with 2 a day.


helps me against muscle tension in my neck and tension headache. Highly recommended!


I have bruxism and Metarelax has helped me a lot to relax my facial muscles.


This beautiful product has ensured that the nervousness of my father's starting Alzheimer's disease is attenuated so that it has become more bearable for him but also for us.

Rubens Bibiane

I am very satisfied with Metarelax, I have much less muscle cramps and less pain when walking and my fatigue has also disappeared, and I have no side effects of this product. And.... At Viata it is a lot cheaper than what I always paid here at the local pharmacy.

Scherens Marleen

nice product


Use this in combination with vit b2 as a profile against migraine. has saved me a lot of attacks.


I feel less tired and I have less stiff muscles!


super! less stress!


1 Zafranpure together with 1 Metarelax at dinner and you sleep like a rose until morning! Because of many sleepless nights I did not want to give in to sleeping pills, but I have now found the right combination! (Combination only works after a number of weeks.)


Great remedy for tension and fatigue and a super fast delivery and price!


Thanks to Metarelax, less muscle cramps and a feeling of less tired muscles. No side effects Attractive price in large quantities.


60% of the Western population suffers from a magnesium deficiency. This product reduces the typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as trembling eyelids, constipation, palpitations... It also helps me to be more resilient to stress and helps against fatigue.


I have to say that I feel less tired and also less cramps in my muscles.


Very satisfied with this product, helps well for my muscle blockages and also against fatigue.


Top Nature product against fatigue, highly recommended!


I have fybro and it has given me strength to come through my day and also against my fatigue.


Really helps against fatigue and cramps. I have fibromyalgia and it supports me in my daily tasks


Good product without side effects.


Good working stuff, no more muscle cramp with swimming.


I am very satisfied with Metarelax. A must.


I use metarelax to mitigate the side-effects of other medications: cramps, spasms, dry skin. It is nice to say that my fatigue has also disappeared.


It really helps me walk without pain.


Tired muscles are a thing of the past! Excellent support for a tightening of my workout routine


Very satisfied with this product! Helps against fatigue and extra surplus is no side effects ;-) A must!


Excellent product that I have been taking for years and that reduces nervousness in me.