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Eucerin Sun Oil Control SPF50+ Dry touch Gel-cream 50ml

21 reviews
Gel-cream 50ml
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Eucerin Sun Oil Control SPF50+ Dry touch
Brand Eucerin
Form Gel-cream
Range Eucerin Sun
Type of product Solar protection
Type of problem Acne
Sun protection for Face
Care of Face
Care or cleansing Care
Facial care Complementary
Skin type Impure, Oily skin
Target group Man, Women
Age categorie Aged 15 and older, For adults
Protection factor Very high
With UVB filters available
Tinted? not available
With UVB & UVA filters available
Dry touch? available
Without parabens? available
Suitable for sensitive skin? available
Water resistant? available
Suitable for oily skin? available
Apply to wet skin? not available
Mineral filters? not available
Hydrating? not available
Without perfume? available
Anti-sand? not available

Latest reviews and experiences with Eucerin Sun Oil Control SPF50+ Dry touch

My favourite facial SPF for daily use; no fragrance, non-sticky & non-shiny and absorbs quickly. Feels like a fresh day cream. You don't feel or see it. A sunscreen I have been looking for for a long time & I have found it.


Quickly absorbing and matted. Ideal as a make-up base, I have normal skin. Not only meant for oily skin but for anyone who wants optimal sun protection without the shiny effect. Have been using it for years and keep buying it.


Phenomenal! I always suffer from acne and clogged pores, and I always feel uncomfortable applying sunscreen because it is so greasy and perfumed. The dry touch is really nice and you don't notice the extra layer on your skin. I don't have the urge to wash it off when I get home. I recommend it and will buy it more often myself!


It took a while for my skin to get used to this sunscreen, but once it did it was great. During application it gives a cooling feeling and then it sets to a dry, matte finish unlike any other sunscreens I've used. Careful though that when used on top of some products (for me toner, the ordinary's marine hyaluronics and ascorbic glucoside) and then under moisturizer, it will start pilling as soon as you touch it. As for why I use it under moisturiser it's for two reasons: one is that some dermatologists say that chemical sunscreen should be used under moisturiser for optimal functioning, although this is a controversial opinion. The second is that if anything this product has too much of a matt finish for me, so I want to use something a bit more hydrating on top. Might be repurchasing, for now I am trying to find mineral sunscreens that work as nicely for me.


Feels nice. Unfortunately, it does contain chemicals that I would rather not have.


Summer's been my favorite sunscreen for years. Pulls fast, and doesn't shine all day. I often apply it to keep the protection factor as high as possible. At the moment I also use this sunscreen to prevent a pregnancy mask!


Very good cream, non-greasy, for the face, I have been using it every day for 2 years as a day cream and I am very satisfied with it. The skin is soft to the touch!


Great cream that is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and offers protection during the day. The skin does not shine and feels wonderfully soft.


It absorbs very well, the texture is not greasy at all and it does not smell like sunscreen. I love it.

Nuria Larriba Molina

Very fine sunscreen! It does not feel greasy or sticky at all. That's exactly why we bought this cream, my son hates the feeling of sunscreen on his skin and this is the only cream he doesn't complain about. I also like to feel wonderful myself.


I have not yet found any better sun protection for acne-sensitive skin. I wear the product all year round due to hyperpigmentation. The only downside is that it is not waterproof or water resistant.


Je l'ai acheté pour mon mari, il l'aime beaucoup, alors je veux l'acheter. Produit fin, attire bien dans la peau, est mat, donc invisible !


Pleasant cream, very suitable for acne sensitive skin. Lubricates well and works excellently. Very happy with this purchase. Definitely a must.


I would highly recommend this product to everyone! Nice and soft feeling, not to fat and nice for your face as well. My red nose has been gone :D


The product felt a bit greasy, in my opinion it shouldn't feel like that.


Easy to diffuse and doesn't leave a white layer on top of your skin. Great product!


I used the Biodermal Sunfluid Spf 50, but it left a light white haze on my dark skin and did not soften well after smearing. After having read many reviews, eventually switched to Eucerin Oil Control Sun Gel-Creme Dry Touch spf 50 and am very happy with that decision. In the morning after washing with a cleaner I only pick up this product. It feels slightly moisturizing, picks in well and leaves no blur. It naturally matts my oily skin (not too much or too little). I also don't feel that it exacerbates my acne either. I am very satisfied with this purchase.


Amazing sun cream that doesn't feel greasy. Fast deliver with some samples, loved it! :)


Very nice sun cream for the face escpecially because my face gets greasier during summer. This cream doesn't feel too sticky and stays matte so I can wear it all day!


I have been looking for a SPF 50+ product for a while and I've found it now! Great cream that doesn't feel greasy and doesn't make your skin oily.


Spreads out nicely. I recommend it