Dettolpharma 1l

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Liquid desinfectant solution. To desinfect surfaces. Also for yeasts.

Het vloeibare desinfecteermiddel van Dettolpharma is een geconcentreerd en doeltreffend ontsmettingsmiddel voor oppervlakken dat beschermt tegen bacteriën en gisten.

Dettol Pharma is, biologisch gezien, beter afbreekbaar en dus beter voor het milieu.

When to use

Ontsmettingsmiddel voor oppervlakten.

How to use

Het kan zowel binnen (oppervlakken, badkamer, keuken, vuilnisbakken…) als rond uw huis gebruikt worden. Het vloeibare ontsmettingsmiddel van Dettolpharma laat niet alleen een fris geurtje achter, u verwijdert er ook 99,9 % van de bacteriën mee, waaronder: MRSA E. Coli Salmonella Listeria.


4,5% chlorocresol

Brand Dettol
Type of product Aid, accessories
Type of aid For hygiene
Keyword Hygiene, Disinfectant gel
Type corona product Disinfectant

Latest reviews and experiences with Dettolpharma

Satisfied with everything. No drawbacks with regard to delivery and price.


Wonderfully hygienic to clean


Top delivery and product


Very good product, I love the smell of dettol, it smells fresh and very good disinfectant.


Wide range, personal contact when ordering was top, very fast delivery in solid packaging.

F. Hanssen

Use it for years to clean the toilet, leaves a pleasant scent, is expensive but you only need a small splash.


I have been using Dettol disinfectant to clean the litter box since I have cats (32 years approx.). On this site I saw the Dettolpharma to clean in the house and I ordered it next to the other Dettol. What a stuff that is. I just poured it into my sink in the kitchen and it usually has such a nasty edge that it looks like you never clean, with this product you really don't. You saw it get completely clean, and it smells "clean" in the house as well. I now also have a siphon ready where I have put Dettol pharma and watered it with water and I use it regularly when my cats have spit somewhere. All in all I am very happy with it.


Perfect product and attention, thank you!

José Manuel

Very fine product that leaves a fresh and clean scent. I also feel more at ease that the house is a little more disinfected.


good price for a good product. very important with baby and pets. nice and clean and fresh.


My mother already used this product and after trying one bottle I immediately ordered more for stock. It disinfects safely and smells fresh. Viata delivers in an excellent, cheerful and fast way and keeps you well informed of the process.


Does what it's supposed to do and the smell gives you the feeling that your house is impeccably clean.


Perfect for hygienic cleaning. Fine fragrance.


Super product, it disinfects all surfaces.


I've been using Dettol for a very long time, it has a very pleasant smell and disinfects the whole house well.


I am happy with dettol smell freeze Viata good service and quick delivery compliment je vous remerci 👍💐


Dettol. Smells good and disinfected good. Can really be used on anything. Surfaces, floors, toilet and skin. Provided correctly dosed of course.


Good product, great to work with


Good product! Excellent service

S Dijkstra

Dettol is a super product to decontaminate and idd it smells good too. live in an apartment and do weekly the corridor here and clean with Dettol in the water, my neighbors are very satisfied that it is clean and clean and smells very nice!

lieve de boeck

Great product...too bad it's not in stock right now...would like to order more. Shipping etc perfect and very correct


This is the perfect disinfectant to clean everything clean, very satisfied with And quick delivery by Viata! Satisfied Thanks


Very happy and satisfied with Dettol. Fast delivery, competitive price and most importantly a really clean house.


Cleaner, cleaner, cleanest..... perfect! Can't do without it!


Thickly satisfied, and a good price! Buy it for years.....


A very nice smell. Also helps me when desinfecting wounds. When the house has been cleaned the smell is very nice and fresh.


Amazing smell!


Great smell and I think you can pretty much disinfect everything with this dettolpharma!


Dettolpharma is lovely to clean your house. It smells fresh and cleans excellently