Compeed Blisters medium 5pieces

Recommended for big blisters at the heel of the foot. Immediate reduction of pain and pressure. Rapid healing and protection against friction.Stays in place for several days, which promotes rapid regeneration of the skin.

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Hydrocolloid plasters, of which the inner layer is composed of a hypoallergenic, adhesive substance which absorbs the moisture of the wound cells, and lets the skin breathe at the same time.The outer side of the patch is covered with a film layer in polyurethane. This coating prevents water, impurities or bacteria reaching the wound. Compeed prevents crust formation with cuts and abrasions thanks to its moisturizing composition. By easing the skin, corns between the toes and calluses on the foot softens and can be removed easily.
Before application: Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Do not apply cream to the skin. Do not stretch Compeed during application. After application: heat Compeed for one minute with the palm to obtain maximum adhesion. To remove Compeed: the Compeed plaster should remain on the wound until it detaches itself. If you want to remove the plaster before it detaches itself, do not pull it upwards. Carefully remove it parallel to the skin.
Brand Compeed
Type of product Dressing material
Type of bandages For blisters
Keyword Blisters, Relieves rapidly
Type of foot care For blisters
Self-adhesive? available
Non stick? available
Sterile not available
Water resistant? available

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placeholder Compeed blister kit
Compeed blister kit

The "Blister kit" contains an anti blister stick to prevent blisters when wearing new shoes of lasting friction. It also contains plasters in 2 different formats that can be used to prevent and treat blisters, relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.

Pharmacy price: 24,55
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Pharmacy price: 24,55

Order today, delivered Wednesday

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