Vagisan MoistCream Vaginal cream 50g

Soothes complaints due to vaginal dryness (dry and burning feeling, itching, pain and lesions during intercourse. The lipids in the moisturizing cream sooth and care immediately. Without hormones, perfume and parabens. Can be used during pregnancy.

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Vaginal dryness happens quite often: after the menopause, after surgery (ovaries/womb), radiation treatment, medication, pregnancy/breastfeeding, stress, ... Vaginal dryness causes discomfort and a burning feeling, can appear in combination with itching and irritation. Vagisan soothes quickly in case of discomfort. Does not contain hormones. Vagisan can also be applied right before intercourse as a lubricant.
Vaginal dryness.
Vagisan MoistCream can be used inside the vagina (with an applicator) and on the external genital area.
For use inside the vagina, fill the applicator one-half full with the cream and apply inside the vagina, preferably before going to bed. It can be used once a day or less often (such as 2–3 x per week), depending on individual symptoms. We recommend wearing a panty liner when using this product.
To care for the external genital area and the vaginal opening, Vagisan MoistCream can be applied directly several times per day as needed.
It may be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
For vaginal dryness, Vagisan MoistCream can be applied as needed prior to intercourse.
Brand Vagisan
Form Vaginal cream
Type of product Care product
Type of product for personal hygiene Cream
Body care Intimate hygiene
Care or cleansing Care
Care of Intimate
Contains Other
Recommended with Menopause, Vaginal dryness
Indicated for vaginal dryness? available
Without parabens? available
Without perfume? available
Shared experiences
    Fine product. I had a lot of itching and droughts, but since the use of 'Vagisan' I had a lot less trouble. I have not been working on cream for so long yet, so think that over time the result will be even better.