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19-07-2019 | General well-being

How to use your metabolism to lose weight?

Have you decided to lose some kilos for the summer? You don't feel like following a draconian diet and you don't feel like spending a few hours of exercise during the week? Did you know that you can improve your metabolism to lose weight naturally, or at least keep it active to avoid weight gain?

19-07-2019 | General well-being

How do you get enough exercise?

A healthy lifestyle is inseparably linked to healthy eating habits and exercise. Lots of exercise. When you are trying to lose weight or want to maintain your physical condition, a healthy dose of daily exercise is very important. This way exercise makes you feel much fitter while the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol in your body gets a boost.

Nevertheless, for many Belgians it remains quite a challenge to exercise sufficiently in one day. We do most of our daily activities while sitting down. Just look at school-age children who spend more than seven hours bravely chained behind a desk or at the staff of an average office who spend hours chained to an office chair. We generally spend too much time sitting down and therefore miss our much needed dose of exercise.

19-07-2019 | General well-being

Why do you need cholesterol?

We hear the term cholesterol more than enough in our daily lives. We see television commercials on cholesterol-lowering foods and the subject comes up at times. Usually we are talking about too high a cholesterol. What exactly does cholesterol do and do we really need it? Or would we be able to live without cholesterol?

18-07-2019 | Care - body, face, skin

The best care for baby skins

A baby's skin is much more sensitive to external hazards than that of an adult. It is therefore important to take good care of the baby's skin to prevent irritation, dehydration and infections. The baby skin is much more sensitive to these ailments because the skin does not yet have a protective acid mantle and because the stratum corneum that protects the skin against bacteria has not yet fully developed. This is only fully developed around the age of four. It is therefore very important to take good care of a baby's skin.

18-07-2019 | General well-being

Toothache: causes and what you can do about it

Many people experience toothache as the worst pain. Toothache can have several causes. To help you deal with toothache, I'll give you below a brief overview of some of the causes that toothache can have. Besides that I will also offer you some solutions in case the toothache is really hard to handle.

18-07-2019 | General well-being

How do you get rid of a stuffy nose as quickly as possible?

The period of falling leaves brings with it the first runny noses. Such a blocked nose is of course the last thing you want, but still almost everyone suffers from it at least once a year. With the following tips you quickly get rid of that annoying blockage and you will be able to breathe happily and freely again. Use the following tips and tricks to avoid that accumulated snot.

18-07-2019 | Care - body, face, skin

How to take care of abrasions?

Annoying abrasions, we all know them. If you have had a soft or hard fall, an accident or a clumsy bump into something... an abrasion is quickly made. It is a superficial wound that generally bleeds very little or not at all. They are made by roughly sanding your skin over a surface, causing it to be planed off.

18-07-2019 | Care - body, face, skin

Scars: how do you make them less visible?

Do you get scars on your body even with the slightest wound, which makes your arms and legs look like a true battlefield? This could be partly due to incorrect care of your wounds and the skin damage they cause. Scars occur when a skin damage reaches deeper than the upper skin layer.

18-07-2019 | General well-being

Heading for an eating disorder? The dangers of laxatives...

The recommended use of laxatives is to treat constipation. Unfortunately, laxatives such as Dulcolax are sometimes misused. In some cases, people take it far too often, which can have negative effects on the digestive tract. It is also sometimes used to stimulate weight loss. This can become a very dangerous phenomenon that seriously damages your health. In some cases, the use of laxatives to lose weight may be an indication that an eating disorder is involved. In this article I would like to inform you about the dangers of laxatives.

18-07-2019 | General well-being

Get rid of headaches and migraines

Written by Eline migraine headache

Headache is a common complaint that everyone regularly has to deal with. It can be extremely annoying. Sometimes the pain even gets so bad that you can hardly perform normal activities. There are several types of headaches, including migraine, cluster headache and tension headache.

18-07-2019 | General well-being

Tips to boost your vitamin D deficiency

Summer is almost over. This means that we are about to face the gloomy, dark winter days again. The temperatures will drop, the days are getting shorter and darker and the only thing we really want is to get under a blanket in the seat. Our vitamin D levels will not be very happy with this. Vitamin D is mainly obtained by exposure to the sun.

04-05-2018 | General well-being

Take your Viata sun product on a holiday and win #viatasummer

Written by Valerie

Are you one of the lucky ones that’s enjoying the sun? Moreover, are you prepared and did you buy
your favourite suncare product at Viata? This means you are completely ready to protect your skin
from the lovely sunshine?