04-05-2018 | General well-being

Take your Viata sun product on a holiday and win #viatasummer

Written by Valerie

Are you one of the lucky ones that’s enjoying the sun? Moreover, are you prepared and did you buy
your favourite suncare product at Viata? This means you are completely ready to protect your skin
from the lovely sunshine?

08-07-2015 | Care - body, face, skin

No more sun, but what about my tan? My 7 tips

Written by Sabrina sunbathing skincare tanning

I had a lovely tan during my entire holiday. Now the holiday is over and I want to brag about it, but you can hardly see it anymore. Does this sound familiar?

Here are some tips to ensure a lovely tan and how to keep that tan a bit longer.

01-01-2013 | Care - body, face, skin

10 facts about sunbathing

Written by Kristien

The sun is here again and it is time for those first rays of sunshine. You are probably thinking about booking a holiday to the sun. And when the first rays of sunshine break through, you want nothing more than to be outside with the entire family. And sunlight is beneficial for everyone, as long as you limit the amount of sunlight. 

01-01-2013 | Care - body, face, skin

10 tips to prevent skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin

Written by Kristien

.Are you already thinking about your well-deserved summer holiday? And can you barely wait to sit at the edge of the pool, cocktail in hand, and take a refreshing dive in the water? Then, let us not forget to protect our skin, and the skin of our family members! The sun holds certain risks as well: the risk for skin cancer increases and our skin starts to age prematurely.

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