Bepanthen Anti-itch - Eczema Cream 20g

Itch-relieving cream without cortisone for the treatment of itching and irritation as a result of eczema.

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Pharmacy price: 9,95

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Itch-relieving cream without cortisone.
Itching skin-irritation.
Apply if necessary.
Water, Caprylyl-/capryltriglyceride, glycerine, pentyleenglycol, oleia europaea-vruchtenolie, panthenol, cetearylalcohol, butyrospermum, parikii-boter, glycerylstearaatcitraat, lamnanthes alba-zaadolie, butyleenglycol, gehydrogeneerde lecithine, ceramide 3, natrium-PCA, squalaan, stearylglycyrrhetinaat, carbomeer, natriumcarbomeer, xanthaangom, hydroxyfenylprpamidobenzoëzuur
Brand Bepanthen
Form Cream
Type of product Medical aid
Care of Body
Care or cleansing Care
Body care Treating
Effect Itch relieving, Soothing
Skin type Dry skin
Target group Baby and child, Men, Women
Recommended with Eczema, Skin irritation
Lifting? not available
Psoriasis, flaky skin? not available
Anti-cellullite, stretch marks? not available
Hydrating? available
Suitable for sensitive skin? available
Eczema, atopic skin? available
Anti-wrinkle? not available
Prevents itching? available
Without parabens? available
Without perfume? available

This is a medical aid. Read the leaflet before use. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.

Shared experiences
    Your products were very good.
    I got an allergic reaction to this very quickly... redness and itching. I am not at all satisfied with this cream!!
    I have had a severe allergic reaction to this! Red, thick, swollen! Completely dried out! I am not content of this product! has caused me more trouble than anything else! pain, itching,.......!