Autotest HIV Self Test 1pieces

This test is easily done with only a drop of blood. The result appears within 15 minutes.

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HIV test.
Step 1:
1. Place the test stand G on a flat surface.
2. Gently pull on the buffer cap C to separate it from the top of the testing device B.
3. Drop it into the bottom of the test stand G using your finger
Every box contains:
- illustrated Instructions for use,
- a safety lancet to obtain a drop of blood,
- a test device with integrated sampling device that highlights whether anti-HIV-1 and/or anti-HIV-2 antibodies are present,
- a bandage.
autotest VIH® must only be used with a fresh sample of capillary blood collected following the instructions as explained in this insert. DO NOT USE for serum or plasma specimens. Store the self-test in its original packaging in a cool, dry location between 8°C and 30°C. Keep away from sunlight autotest VIH® is for single-use only. DO NOT RE-USE. Do not open the foil pouch containing the self-test device until you are ready to perform the test. This self-test is not intended for use in the context of therapeutic follow-up with patients receiving antiretroviral therapy. Individuals who use this self-test should consult their doctor prior to making any medical decisions, regardless of whether the test result is negative or positive. False positive results (0.2% in studies of test specificity) or false negative results could be obtained in the following circumstances: exposure to HIV in the 3 months prior to using the test (window period), situations of advanced immunodeficiency or infection by a rare variant, and among HIV-positive people receiving antiretroviral therapy. Failure to store as directed or to respect the limits of use could cause the test result to be incorrect. Do not use the self-test if the packaging or foil pouch have been opened or damaged. Do not use if expiry date printed on the packaging has passed. If you have trouble understanding the package insert or instructions for use, please contact Sida Info Service immediately at 0 800 840 800 (24/7). In case of repeated inconclusive tests, please consult your doctor. Keep this self-test and the items that come with it away from children, the components included with autotest VIH® could be harmful if swallowed and could cause irritations. autotest VIH® is an additional form of HIV testing that can be used as a complement to other existing options. autotest VIH® is only able to detect HIV infection and cannot be used as a test for other sexually transmitted infections. AAZ-LMB expressly disclaims all liability for the use or distribution of autotest VIH® or any of its components, and for the consequences of inaccuracies or errors whether direct, indirect, incidental, or otherwise arising from any use of the autotest VIH® that fails to strictly follow the directions and limits of use as specified the applicable Instructions for Use.
Brand Autotest
Type of product Selftest
Type of self test HIV

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This test is easily done with only a drop of blood. The result appears within 15 minutes.

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    Gabi M.
    The test was delivered quickly and is easy to use. After a quarter of an hour, the result was clearly visible.