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Alline Procap Hair Growth Capsules 180pieces

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Capsules 180pieces
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Food supplement, anti-hair loss, composed of pure keratin, vitamins and minerals. These are necessary the strengthen the hair and nails and to stimulate growth. In the form of capsules.

Keratin nourishes the hair, which makes them strong and beautiful. It is also essential in order to maintain strong and healthy nails. ß-carotene plays a role in the process of cells specialization, an important episode of the hair cycle. Vitamins B2, C and E contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. With vitamin B9, vitamin B6 contributes to regular homocystein metabolism. Vitamin B8 helps to the maintenance of healthy hair. Vitamin B9 plays a role in the process of cells division, another important phase of the hair cycle. Zinc contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the maintenance of healthy hair and nails.Zinc, as well as iron, have a role in the process of cells division, an important episode of the hair cycle. Iron helps the oxygen transport in the body. Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation. It also participates in iron transport in the body and helps to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

How to use

Daily intake: 1 capsule (hair volume and shine) or 2 capsules (normal hair growth), to be taken with a glass of water during the meal.


Per 2 capsules: Keratine: 500 mgIron: 14 mg (iron gluconate, 100% RDI)Zinc: 10 mg (zinc gluconate, 100% RDI)Copper: 1 mg (copper gluconate, 100% RDI)ß-carotene: 4,8 mg (100% RDI)Vitamin B1: 1,1 mg (thiamine hydrochloride, 100% RDI)Vitamin B2: 1,4 mg (riboflavin, 100% RDI)Vitamin B3: 16 mg (nicotinic acid, 100% RDI)Vitamin B5: 6 mg (calcium D-pantothenate, 100% RDI), Vitamin B6: 1,4 mg (pyridoxine hydrochloride, 100% RDI)Vitamin B8: 50 µg (D-biotin, 100% RDI)Vitamin B9: 200 µg (folic acid, 100% RDI)Vitamin C: 80 mg (L-sodium ascorbate, 100% RDI)Vitamin E: 12 mg (D-alpha tocopheryl hydrogenosuccinate, 100% RDI), 100% inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 473 mg

Brand Alline
Form Capsules
Type of product Food supplement
Supplements for the hair and nails Better hair and nail quality
Contains Biotine, Keratin, Other, Vitamin B complex, Zinc
Keyword Hair, Vegetarian, Reinforcing

This is a food supplement. Do not exceed the daily dose mentioned on the packaging/in the leaflet. A food supplement may not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.

Latest reviews and experiences with Alline Procap Hair Growth

I took Alline because my hair had become thinner over the last few months, apparently this could be a side effect of the Corona jabs. Took the full box, 2 capsules a day. The pills have an indefinable nasty taste, best swallowed quickly. Now about the result: According to my hairdresser there is an improvement but I am rather doubtful. I do notice that I lose less hair when washing, so that's positive, but I don't have the feeling that hairs have really grown back. In any case, the situation has not worsened. Maybe by autumn I will do another treatment.


The best product against hair loss!


After taking a box of 2 capsules a day, I noticed a big difference and gained some hair, and now with the second box, one a day.


Very satisfied with this product .... Is the only product that has helped with my hair problems so far !!!!


With my treatment for polyarthritis, I lose my hair all year round. I've been taking Alline for a few weeks now and I already see less hair on my brush and in the shower. I am really happy to have made this discovery thanks to Viata.

Frédérika G

Early days to say but I like it ....the best part is I am not seeing anymore a hair on my pillow


If I notice that I am suffering from hair loss again, I use it, as soon as the loss is reduced I stop. Satisfied with this product.

José guffens

Wonderful...hair loss after pregnancy...and my hair is gradually regaining its mass.


For me this is a top product. I have been using it for years on doctor's advice. And I am super satisfied with it. I would recommend it to anyone who has hair loss. Helps the best of all the products I've tried.


For me personally, the best product against annual hair loss. I buy it every year


The best product for my hair loss. Have tried other products but Alline remains the best!


Very satisfied ! Everyone I know who uses alline is satisfied, even my oncologist only hears positive reactions from this brand. My hair is more beautiful and fuller when I use alline.

Wendy Verbruggen

Not cheap, but it works very well against hair loss. Mn pharmacist called it 'the Ferrari among the hair supplements' and also mn dermatologist recommended it already (with intervals and not continuous according to her so that the hair gets the occasional 'boost'). Super competitive price at Viata is very nice!

Ann Simoens

I am very satisfied with this product. Take it for years, because I had a lot of hair loss in the beginning. And had the doctor advised me to take alline procap. And I'm glad I got to know this. Much less hair loss and looks healthy. For me a top product


J'utilise ce produit depuis des années. Depuis que j'ai 19 ans, je fais régulièrement du mannequinat chez le coiffeur, dans les écoles de coiffure pour les élèves et sur place pour le professeur, alors vous pouvez imaginer que mes cheveux passent par tout :) Ce produit fonctionne très bien pour moi. Mes cheveux poussent plus vite, cela aide contre la chute des cheveux, les cheveux sont bien nourris donc ils ne sont pas (plus) secs. Prenez un autre traitement à la kératine chez votre coiffeur et vos cheveux vous remercieront. :D


My hairdresser recommended Alline Procap. I have been taking these vitamins for a month and I can already see the difference and improvement.


Only recently used, but I have every confidence in it. Has been recommended to me by many people.

Ludwien Lobbens

Very fast shipping and fantastic product - already seeing results in 2 weeks! Thank you


After 2 weeks you notice that you lose less hair. And in less than two months I notice that my hair is getting fuller... I use it with special shampoo and am super satisfied...


Effectively helps against hair loss and improves structure. A cure in spring and autumn works very well!


I've been using it for 2 weeks now and at first I had dull hair but now it looks healthier and shines all over feeling a better difference in my nails.


Very effective in reducing hair loss and strengthening my nails. I highly recommend this product.

Wauters Christiane

I have taken these pills against hair loss, but as soon as you stop taking them the hair falls out again!

Salwa Kanaan

I am very satisfied with this product. My hair fell out very badly due to stress and coloring. I now have a 3 month treatment and my hair is visibly longer, fuller and healthier. But in combination with shampoo, cream rinse and hairdresser's mask. Also an adapted dryer and products. (I used all these products for Alline as well) I am certainly satisfied. I recommend a course of treatment of 3 months, not continuously because then it has no longer any effect on your body on a longer basis... be sure to do it!


Very good product. I started using it because my hairdresser recommended it. Very satisfied.

Vandevelde Mieke

I am very satisfied with the product Alline Procap


An expensive product but it is especially good for the nails. With the hair in the beginning very good, but fails after a while.


I've only been taking this product for a few weeks (2/day) and I can already see a difference in hair loss!! (hair loss due to gastric bypass) I think this is a must!!


Tendency to often lose my hair due to thyroid alline problems stops the loss and redensifies my hair. I strongly recommend

Cécile Castermane

Since I was 60, my hair has been getting thinner and thinner, due to relocation (stress) and often cortisone injections. On the recommendation of my hairdresser I now use Alline. In the beginning 2 caps./day and now 1 capsule as a maintenance dose. My hair is back as before.


Product works really well. My hair looks much better.


I've only been taking the product for 2 weeks, but I've already noticed a difference in hair loss. Now we have to wait and see if the hair growth increases.

Suzanne Beniest

This product was prescribed to me by my doctor for improving my fingernails that are tore and broke. I have now started my second dose of 180 capsules. The result is not spectacular but there is change. What I do notice is that my hair looks much better. Maybe I have to go on and on for longer in order to improve my nails as well.


very good result. Really the hair is thicker and more numerous.

A. bellicourt

I have been suffering from constant hair loss for several years because of the baxters I regularly receive! Not pleasant so hair loss, the doctor advised me to use alline procap after 5 months of taking it, I could see a very clear difference...... After a while, I stopped for 6 months and after a while, the problems started again. As the pills were quite expensive, I tried another product but it didn't work, so now I'm back for the procap alline! A great product that I can recommend to anyone. Very satisfied customer!

An Van Vlaenderen

After using Alline for a while, I noticed that much less hair was left on my hairbrush. Good product.


I had a hair loss and I saw an improvement already in a week it's great! I like this product.


After 3 months you will notice that the hair is much less out of shape.

Bruni Horn

I have been using the Aline Procap for 2 months and the result is already very visible.


Great product, it does work.


Ça marche vraiment ! Selon le dermatologue, une seule cure par saison est nécessaire, mais je remarque une différence quand j'arrête, alors je la prends toute l'année ! Le meilleur produit contre la perte de cheveux pour moi ! Top !


I have been using it for 3 months now, 2 tablets a day, but unfortunately my nails are still tearing. They split into 2. Maybe I need to add another 3 months. My hair loss has improved very well.

sonja raymaekers

Normally always hair loss in the summer months, but now it is after 3 weeks already reduces. I took 2 tablets a day.


good product!


Stops hair loss and therefore the thinning of the hair. Very happy with it.


Use the product for many years. Because I often have to go under anaesthetic my hair was thin and fell out with suits. When the drug worked, I stopped working with it after about two years. But my hair didn't like this very much and it started to fall out again. Now I keep using it and hang my hair up to halfway my back. My hairdresser once said that it was incredible if she didn't know any better you would think I had put extensions in.


Keeps his promises. a distinct capillary difference. in addition a mix of vitamins and oligo elements good for the whole body.


I only use Alline for two weeks, so I can't say much about the effect on the hair yet. I do notice that my nails grow faster. Due to a lot of stress I lost a lot of hair and my hair has also been thinned out over the years, I hope that Alline can give me a nice hair structure back.


After a few weeks mineral hair loss and a thicker hair. The hair shines beautifully and grows faster. I am very satisfied with this product!


I am a hairdresser, have a lot of experience with hair vitamins and I would recommend this to everyone, Trenker has really DE proportions of the composition to obtain the best possible result, not only what stops the failure after +/- 2 to 3 months but also a better hair structure with colors, permanents and other treatments achieve a better result. At least 6 months to last, preferably as long as possible. I myself will never stop this. Super product.


I am a hairdresser and I have a lot of experience with hair vitamins. I would like to recommend this product to everyone. Tenker has a very nice composition, with this product you'll have optimal results. It will not only stop hair fallout after two or three months but it will also give your hair a better texture with better hair color and other side effects which will give you a better result. Use the product for at least six months, as long as possible. I am never going to stop using it.


I've had a chemistry behind me and now I've been using aline procap for a month now and I've noticed a difference, but especially my skin looks much better.... I'd never thought that this would ever be possible anymore.


I have been using this Alline product for a few months now. It revitalises my hair and gives it volume and shine.


Best vitamine product for the health of your hair. The other products taste terribly. The delivery was quick and customr service was great!


I have been using aline procap for 6 months and the results are amazing! My hair grows faster, has more volume and shines.


Very satisfied. Use it for several years.


I've been using this product for a long time. My hair is thicker, fuller and falls out much less since I take it. I have already recommended it to friends and they too are satisfied with it.


Since I take it, minus her less falls out, I have fuller hair growth. I will recommend it because I am satisfied with my hair. It is much more beautiful. I was hesitant at first, but I relied on the various comments. a big thank you to the people who leave comments.


I have been using Allin for over a year. After my hair was very diluted I had already full of hair after a few months. I have already recommended it to my sister. She is only taking it a few weeks, too early to get results. But I am sure that she too will have good results. I am also very satisfied with the quick service. Thank you very much!

Emma P.

Good results


I've been taking Alline 2 months a day now for 3 months and I really notice the difference. My hair looks healthier and is less dry. Now I'm going to switch to 1 a day hopefully this works just as well.


Have used this product before also with a very good result. I stopped it for a while because it was rather too expensive and started back now because my hair started to thin out. There has already been a noticeable improvement.


Use it only for a short time but I can already see improvement! My hair looks and feels much firmer and it is no longer as fluffy and barren as it was. Great product!!


A vitamin mix that really works! You have to take the cure regularly.


I am very satisfied with Aline procope. Had very dry broken hair, by colorings and permanent. There was nothing cool in my hair anymore. I used a different kind for this and had no result with it, but with this I notice a big difference. My hair is more nourished again, and can easily be modelled. Is not cheap to buy, but it already delivers its results.


Have purchased this product now because of the many positive reviews. Hopefully knows how to tell more in a few months' time.


I use Alline procap only very recently so I can't really judge how it works. I used a preparation before, compiled and prescribed by my general practitioner. Because this gave little or no result after 8 months, I consulted a renowned dermatologist. To my surprise she did not come with her own composition but she assured me the Alline is currently the all-best product on the market in this segment and not the umpteenth purely commercial profit. She has already recommended this to several patients and she believes that the effect is extremely good. After this story by an experts I am completely convinced and I enjoy taking my capsules!


Use alline for only 2 weeks so it is difficult to say what the result will be. But will certainly come back to it.