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10 facts about sunbathing

Written by Kristien

The sun is here again and it is time for those first rays of sunshine. You are probably thinking about booking a holiday to the sun. And when the first rays of sunshine break through, you want nothing more than to be outside with the entire family. And sunlight is beneficial for everyone, as long as you limit the amount of sunlight. 

Here are a few facts to enjoy the sun safely:

  1. Sun cream is the best anti-wrinkle cream: 90% of all wrinkles are caused by the sun!
  2. 80% of exposure to the sun is during your daily activities. It is therefore important that you always apply sunscreen before going outside.
  3. The correct use of sunscreen: apply 30 minutes before going outside and apply a sufficient amount (a lot of people only apply 1/3 of the amount needed). It is also important to reapply every two hours, the filters in the sunscreen expire quickly! Sunscreen is rubbed off easily. Frequent use is key.
  4. If your shade is smaller than you, it is better to stay inside.
  5. In case of a cloudy sky, only 70% of the UV rays is blocked. This means that you can still get sunburned from the other 30%. Even then, applying sunscreen is important!
  6. Clothing: everything that is a bit warmer (everything that shrinks in the laundry) protects you from the sun.
  7. UV rays penetrate through windows. So also protect yourself in your car, on your porch, …
  8. Renew your sunscreen each year! Due to oxidation of the components, your sunscreen will become less effective and will not protect you any longer.
  9. Vitamin tablets with antioxidants have a protective effect on skin ageing (photo ageing). They also work as a prevention for sun allergies. They do not prevent skin cancer.
  10. There is not a lot of difference in UVB protection between an SPF 30 and an SPF 50 product. It is therefore more useful to apply an SPF30 product regularly than to apply an SPF50 product irregularly!


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